Hi, I'm Mel
Illustrator, designer, nerd!



Melanie de Carvalho

Vancouver, BC

I earned my BA degree in Graphic design at Vancouver Island university. While at school I delved into other passions of mine by taking courses in creative writing and illustration.

In school I got a glimpse of UI and UX design. As I've always had an interest in design for web it was a logical step for me to take as a career. Technology is ever changing and always bringing in new opportunities to create better interfaces and user experience. That's what makes this field so interesting, what we have today will be improved on tomorrow. 

I was given an amazing opportunity to explore UX/UI design, as well as furthering my understanding of brand and brochure design, working at AMDS in Sooke. I moved to Vancouver to continue this learning streak and to practise my other interests such as Illustration.

As well as design and illustration there is a lot of other hobbies I have found myself obsessing over. This year I have started up with historical European Sword fighting, getting back into hiking and camping, and hopefully now that Whistler is so close I will be back on the mountain!